I love startups and I’ve always been fascinated with the ideas, how things gets developed and executed, passionate individuals, and all the way down to venture capitalists and funding. Obviously, ideas are very important but the truth is, it’s all about finding the right people to execute on those ideas and furthermore build upon the initial idea. Having the right team, talent and drive (including luck– being at the right place at the right time and knowing the right people) puts you on the right track. Ideas by itself doesn’t mean much if you can’t execute, period.

I’ve read the book, "Lean Startup" and have pretty much spent a lot of time understanding the ideas behind having a LEAN and MVP (minimum viable product). It seems like most (if all) startups these days uses this LEAN product development approach which makes a lot of sense for prototyping ideas and getting quick feedback from consumers. I won’t be getting into the details here but here’s some good documentaries on startups recently that I found motivational. If you’re into building products, startups or interested in starting your own tech business, I highly recommend these.

  • Indie Game.
    This documentary is not entirely about the startup itself but the people behind the Indie games companies. It gives the audience the opportunity to see the game developers and their perspective on the whole development process.

  • Startup kids.
    The documentary gives you a glimpse on the new young breed of entepreneurs in the tech industry. Since building products on the web requires small or no funding these days, anyone with the passion and the right ideas can ship a product with minimal overhead costs (except time). It highlights the young successful entepreneurs of this generation and what it took to launch a product.

  • Ctrl+Alt+Compete.
    A documentary created by Microsoft. This is very similar to startup kids except that it’s focused on a much larger context of startups. It includes product pitches, interviews of founders, enterpreneurs, investors and people who are involved behind this industry.

I hope that you find these films motivating, refreshing and informational. I will keep this updated with new titles as I come across them. Let me know if you know of other titles that are within this category.